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Meet Brian Ferrari ... 

Brian was born in South San Francisco & raised in Northern California. By the age of 12 he found himself with camera in hand, looking to find interesting angles to capture his perspective of the world around him. With an education & upbringing enriched by the arts, it was no surprise that being behind the lens was where he wanted his life to take him.

No matter where he was, the camera followed. During his formative years working through college (where he studied business, art, & philosophy), Brian found himself alongside designers, developers and contractors in the architectural & designer industry. Fascinated by the art of building design he began shooting the architectural offerings in Los Angeles alongside the architects and designers whom he had come to know and work with over the years as a glazing consultant. 

To him, it was more than just art. Brian was captivated by the combination of trades, materials, & the collective vision required to make something of real architectural significance. The camera is his way to show how it all comes together in a grand finale - to capture something more than what was initially drawn. 

Using only professional Canon full-frame cameras, & lenses, along with the latest photography techniques & post production methods, Brian works in sync with a range of clients in architectural & commercial industries. Providing a level of service & care that lends itself to his attention to detail & creative flexibility he is able to meet his clients needs.

Drone Pt. 107 license #4270783.

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