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'How else would a photographer go about his own engagement photography?'

'This makes perfect sense.'

'Of course you did.'

These are just some of the responses I received when I told my family and friends that I was dressing up as Spider-Man - and my wife as Silk, and ran around Los Angeles for a few weeks to create a once in a lifetime engagement photoshoot / comic book. 

Some of my favorite shots

Brian & Radhika - Spider-Man & Silk
Brian & Radhika - Spider-Man & Silk
A little bit of background...

I tied the knot not too long ago with my [amazing] wife Radhika, on May 27th 2018 and at our wedding we unveiled our engagement photos to our guests. Only these photos were presented in the form of a printed comic book telling a love story as seen through a different kind of lens.


Sure, we could have done a beach day, botanical garden, or 'night out on the town' stylized photoshoot, but we're both creative types who always have the itch to build something unique to us. One of our shared interests (my pseudo-obsession) is in Marvel comics and movies - especially Spider-Man. So, natrually I created a 9-scene, 71+ shot storyboard of the entire project as I envisioned, and wrote a rough script and began shooting. The full preface can be found in the digital flipbook at the bottom of this text, but know that it took us over a year to shoot, edit, and create the physical comic - which was something I knew nothing of prior to taking this on (go big or go home, right?). 


So if you're a fan of photography, art, creativity, comics, Marvel, Spider Man & Silk, or simply love itself - please enjoy my labor of all of the above. It's packed with nerdy Marvel-Fandom jokes more casual readers may not pick up on and a few puns that only my wife and I understand but we hope the love will emanate from the pages and I hope you'll get a kick out of it! 

If for any reason the digital flipbook doesn't load correctly for your browser or phone, you can see the entire book in comic-strip form HERE.