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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipment do you use? 

A: Trick question - it's never the wand, it's the magician. However, for interested parties, my main camera for 99% of my work is a Canon 5DSR or a MKIV. These are the flagship workhorses that tick all the boxes (and then some) for most every one of my image-capturing needs. I use Canon, Sigma, & Tamron lenses to cover a range of focal lengths and array creative purposes. I also use HONL photo and Westcott diffusers when lighting my interior spaces along with a number of flashguns and strobes. I use a Macbook Pro tethered directly to the camera for easy review and use Photoshop and Lightroom to edit.

Q: How do you work? Do you work with assistants?

A: Depending on the work I have a few standard practices that seem to provide a level of efficiency and effectiveness for my clients and the work at hand. Viewing images only on the camera monitor is very limiting so whenever possible, I shoot tethered to a laptop for easier review. Clients who take part in the shoot are more than welcome to review the work as its being done and maintain open communication about the art direction. For some shoots I do bring in assistants that I've worked with before to help light larger scale projects. 

How do you deliver your work? What is your turnaround time?

Most photography is delivered via a secure digital download link emailed to a designated person(s). In the rare occasion that there are too many large files to efficiently transfer digitally, I will put on a USB flash drive and mail via common carrier to a specified delivery address.  

What about a retouch/revision policy? 

In most every instance (unless otherwise discussed) you (the client) will have a chance to review the digital proofs (unedited files) before any post production work ensues. You pick the images you want to see edited for final delivery. It is also in this moment that any notes regarding how you want them edited are to be determined. This would include notes such as color correction (i.e. red vs. magenta) and clean up (i.e. remove telephone pole) or any alterations of reality (adding a different sunset/clouds/people/etc.) - however the extent of these expectations will also need to be discussed prior to any estimate being drawn up and signed. 

Can I order prints from you? 

Yes. However, this is a truly custom request and would need to know exactly what kind of print you want in order to quote it for you. I use a combination of local and online print shops so ETA's vary as well. 

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